[OSGeo Africa] Travel Time Calculation

Uazukuani wazu.uazu at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 06:20:58 PST 2013

Dear All

I have a problem that I hope someone on this mailing list could assist

I want to calculate travel time from (each) VILLAGE to the nearest URBAN
CENTER along the road network*.*

The output format could be text or GIS with at least 3 columns: 1. Village,
2. Nearest Urban Centre and 3. Travel Time.

I have 3 data sets: 1. Villages (Point), 2. Urban centers (Point) & 3.
Roads (Polyline/line) for the whole country (Namibia).

I would appreciate if someone refers me to tutorials on this.

I have access to PostGIS, QGIS and GvSIG, ArcInfo, GeoMedia Pro 6.x, MS SQL
Server 2008 (Spatial) but am willing to try something else.


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