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Good morning,
On www.statssa.gov.za is a schedule of when what will be released.
Data on small areas is due end March 2013.
Suggestion: Follow the instructions to request information - response will most likely be better.
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>>> Gavin Fleming <gavin at afrispatial.co.za> 1/23/2013 11:26 PM >>>
based on my experience from the previous census and I believe this one 
is similar:

If you get the full data DVD / download at some point it will consist of 
the sub-place, main-place and larger boundary shapefiles, with IDs. 
These will likely be different from the previous census after 

It will also have the data in proprietary SuperCross format, as well as 
a free SuperCross viewer installer. You use SuperCross to set up 
cross-tabulations, filters, aggregations, etc that you want, then export 
them. Then in a GIS you can join them to your boundary layers to map them.

The data are usually aggregated to sub-place level as EA level data are 
deemed too sensitive and non-anonymous to release unless with special 

When and how this will all be released by StatsSA is another story...

It *should* all be available on demand via OGC web services. In a few 
years when they've switched to a FOSS infrastructure I'm sure that's 
what we'll get.

On 23/01/2013 21:21, Hanlie Pretorius wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me.
> I've been trying to get submunicipal level data from Stats SA for 
> weeks now. Apparently I need permission for this level of data from 
> one Trevor Oosterwyk in the Pretoria office. Unfortunately he hasn't 
> responded to my email I sent last week Monday and getting him on the 
> phone has proven impossible for 3 days.
> I have the GIS boundaries that I need, it's just the actual data 
> tables that I'm missing so that I can join them to the polygons.
> The only submunicipal level data that I could find on the Internet is 
> the CSIR's GAP data, but unfortunately they don't have all the 
> variables I'm interested in and their data is slightly old for 
> my  purpose.
> Specifically, I'm looking for the following data for Gauteng (2010 or 
> later) at enumeration area (or at most suburb) level:
> 1. Income
> 2. Access to basic services (water, electricity, housing, sewage)
> 3. Population
> 4. Rate of urbanisation between now and 2001.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this data out of Stats 
> SA, or finding it somewhere else? Municipal IQ is not an option - too 
> expensive.
> Thanks
> Hanlie
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