[OSGeo Africa] FOSS vs ESRI and other GIS issues

Chris Berens chris at mapland.co.za
Wed Jun 5 05:52:17 PDT 2013

Spot on Gerhard.

On 5 June 2013 14:30, Gerhard Brits <BritsJG at eskom.co.za> wrote:
"...The problem that we have in this world. The people that need to
use systems do not have the
ability to find solutions to problems themselves..."

I have never felt "confident" teaching or being taught a piece of
software.  Rather focus on the challenge / look for a solution/  dig
around in the heap of software for a tool that fits. In the process
you learn a useful thing about the software.  Starts not with "I must
have a GIS" but with "I have a set of questions/requirements that can
be answered by a map".

Too many outfits with GIS who never put a pin in a map yet

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