[OSGeo Africa] South African State Land Audit

Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Mon Sep 9 14:32:24 PDT 2013

    Aslam has been a bit quiet ?

    The long awaited RDLR report on the audit of State Land has been 
    completed ( and also tabled in Parliamant -- I think ? )

    Please see here for a report  ( warning -- comments not for sensitive 
    viewers )


    At the end of the article there is a link to a PDF ( apparently original 
    version )

    I had a quick look  but the report as reflected by the PDF did not look 
    that detailed to me ?

    Might I ask where THE detailed version is ?  ( the GIS data set with all 
    the individual land parcels that make up the provincial totals )

    Please Aslam as our local rep for TDRDLA / SG can you help ?


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