[OSGeo Africa] Job opportunities at DRDLR

Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Tue Apr 15 05:28:53 PDT 2014

    Apologies to you Aslam ( and the list )

    No-one else speaks up for us and so we have to do it ourselves

    The ad you have just placed is blatantly discriminatory and racist
    ( I would like to lodge a formal complaint )

    But seeing as you want to talk race lets look at the history.

    How is it that White males are somehow invisible -- are we not Africans 
    and South Africans.

    Pieter Potter the first surveyor in Southern Africa 1657 ( surveyed the 
    early plots of the " free-burghers" )  was a white person from Holland.
    Although as far as I know people from the Asian sub-continent were 
    present in the early Cape as slaves  , the large scale immigration of 
    "Indians" to South Africa only occourred in  1860 ( specifically in what 
    was then Natal )

    The early slave population at the Cape no longer exists as a distinct and 
    separate demographic group -- unless one wants to speak of the "Cape 
    Coloureds"  but now we are getting into old regime race classification -- 
    something the current government seems to be very good at emulating and 
    which you have -- with your ad -- just propogated.

    I hope you understand to what extent the dept RDLR is amiss in 
    promulgating such a short sighted  and RACIST policy !


On 15 Apr 2014 at 13:03, Aslam Parker wrote:


> NOTE                        :       
>  Persons from the following groups are strongly encouraged to apply:

> Persons with appropriate disabilities, African Female and Male, Coloured
> Female and Male, Indian Male. 

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