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Ek stem! Na twintig jaar moet die streep nou getrek word. Wanneer gaan ons almal deel van die demokrasie word?Almal mekaar met respek behandel en 'n eenheid van suksesvolle Suid Afrikaners word?n eenheid van suksesvolle Suid Afrikaners word?</div>
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    Apologies to you Aslam ( and the list )

    No-one else speaks up for us and so we have to do it ourselves

    The ad you have just placed is blatantly discriminatory and racist
    ( I would like to lodge a formal complaint )

    But seeing as you want to talk race lets look at the history.

    How is it that White males are somehow invisible -- are we not Africans 
    and South Africans.

    Pieter Potter the first surveyor in Southern Africa 1657 ( surveyed the 
    early plots of the " free-burghers" )  was a white person from Holland.
    Although as far as I know people from the Asian sub-continent were 
    present in the early Cape as slaves  , the large scale immigration of 
    "Indians" to South Africa only occourred in  1860 ( specifically in what 
    was then Natal )

    The early slave population at the Cape no longer exists as a distinct and 
    separate demographic group -- unless one wants to speak of the "Cape 
    Coloureds"  but now we are getting into old regime race classification -- 
    something the current government seems to be very good at emulating and 
    which you have -- with your ad -- just propogated.

    I hope you understand to what extent the dept RDLR is amiss in 
    promulgating such a short sighted  and RACIST policy !


On 15 Apr 2014 at 13:03, Aslam Parker wrote:


> NOTE                        :       
>  Persons from the following groups are strongly encouraged to apply:

> Persons with appropriate disabilities, African Female and Male, Coloured
> Female and Male, Indian Male. 

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