[OSGeo Africa] Geological remote sensing

christopher legg christopher.legg at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Feb 21 01:54:01 PST 2014

I have just published "Basics of Geological Remote Sensing" as an ebook.
This introduction, based on many years practical experience with
examples from Africa, the Middle East and Asia, is lavishly illustrated
and includes numerous hyperlinks to important publications and internet
resources. The book emphasises the use of free and low-cost imagery, and
of free and/or open-source software (QGis, MultiSpec, Monteverdi, GIMP).
While the book would be a useful supplement to course material provided
during formal remote sensing courses, it also provides basic background
information for all geologists, not only those specialising in remote
sensing geology, on this essential tool for all geological mapping and
mineral exploration.

The book is very low-cost, and suitable for every geologist to have a
personal copy for reading and reference on their computer, tablet or
mobile phone. It is available in Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Nook formats.
It is not currently in iBook format, but can be read on IOS devices
using free downloadable emulators.

Details of the book, with sample chapters and links for purchasing, can
be found on my website, and I would welcome any feedback which might
assist with making later versions of the book even more useful.


Christopher Legg

Website   www.calegg.com

39, Pembroke Road,
Bristol BS8 3BE
United Kingdom

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