[OSGeo Africa] Professional GISc registration

Gavin Fleming gavin at afrispatial.co.za
Thu Jan 16 00:51:02 PST 2014

Hi all

I'm at the GISSA national council meeting and professional registration 
is under discussion.

The message: take professional registration seriously and get 
registered, no matter what area of GIS you practice in. Ultimately it 
will become illegal to do paid GIS work without being registered...

For the Government FOSS policy to happen then, it means that all we FOSS 
GIS advocates must ensure we're registered so we're not excluded from 
government work. Professional registration is already required for 
government tenders and posts.

For those of you with fifteen years experience up to Dec 2012, the 
Grandfather clause for Professional GISc Practitioner is opening up 
again shortly - take this opportunity. Don't ask me for details, keep 
watching GISSA, PLATO, PositionIT, etc.



Gavin Fleming
t: 0218630660
c: 0845965680
f: 0866164820

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