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On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 10:01 AM, Hanlie Pretorius <
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> I agree that it's a great idea to have an AfricaGeo stand at FOSS GIS.
> I was just wondering putting a lot of effort into CDs are the right
> way to go. It's so easy these days to download even hundreds of
> megabytes oneself. But I don't have that much experience with trying
> to win people over, so perhaps I'm wrong.

We could just use the OSGEO-Live cd's - should be a low pain point there.

> I suggest some effort may also be put towards a video display of QGIS
> capabilities. A Google video search for QGIS gives 53 000 results;

Gosh !

> I'm
> sure among those one could find four or five hours' worth of footage
> that would be of interest and that one could loop through? The obvious
> problem is that it won't all be of the newest version of the software,
> but I think the focus should be on common tasks that people perform
> and perhaps think they can't do (or easily do) in open source
> software.

> I would be willing to search for suitable videos if I could have some
> input on what people think are the most important tasks to focus on. I
> could probably also make some videos using the latest version of the
> software, but I think ready-made ones would be a better way to go.

I can make  a promo vid of QGIS but 5 minutes on a loop might be better
than 5 hours? Based on the assumption that most passers bye at the booth
will have a 5 minute attention span....

> Another good item at the stand would be a poster with common myths
> about open source software and rebuttals. I could design such a poster
> using information from the Internet and can get help making it look
> professional. It could probably be printed for a couple of hundred
> rand at the most.

QGIS Has an official poster and brochure (
https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Promotion for raw sources) - I will get a
rendered version done for the stand. OSGeo no doubt has plenty of
promotional goodies.  Having a poster as you describe above might be good

I will set up a wiki page somewhere so we can self organise and then post a
link to the list here. It will be easier to keep track of stuff than in
multiple email threads.

Thanks for pitching in!



> Cheers
> Hanlie
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