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I agree with Gavin...since it is from a surveyor and from pre-1999...

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Looks like it's south-oriented transverse mercator with a central meridian
of 23 and an offset of some nice round number > 3000000 on the SO x axis (or
a local reference latitude) and it would likely be on the Cape datum. A bit
of playing around these parameters will hopefully position it right.

Does searching on the khathu system not turn up anything?

On 30/01/2014 13:56, Hanlie Pretorius wrote:
> Hi,
> I a hand-drawn survey diagram that I need to reproduce in QGIS. The 
> area is in the Northen Cape, close to the 23° E longitude.
> The diagram was done in 1968 and its coordinate system is specified as 
> 'Kathu System'. The y coordinates are given first, are all positive 
> and they range from about 23 000 to 49 000. The x coordinates are 
> given second and they range from +31 000 to -153 000.
> Can anyone tell me what the specifications for this coordinate system 
> would be? I.e. the information I would need to create a WKT or proj4 
> specification for the CRS.
> Thanks
> Hanlie
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