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This is Sizwe Mabuza from Swaziland. I am a GIS specialist having acquired my first qualification in GIS in 2012 from ITC/University of Twente. Currently, I am in England where I am pursuing my Masters in GIS and Environmental Management.On top of my GIS qualifications i also have a BSc. degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Swaziland.  also hold single subject diplomas in Programming and Information processing from Swaziland Business Consultancy accredited by ICM in the UK.Modules undertaken in my various qualifications are as follows:
BSc. Biology & Chemistry: Introduction to Physics,Physics for engineers,Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry,Organic Chemistry,Inorganic Chemistry, Botany, Plant Physiology,Vertebrate Zoology, Invertebrate Zoology,Microbiology,Human Physiology,Maths for Scientists,Statistics, Ecology
Diploma in GeoInformation Science and Earth Observation-Geoinformatics GIS operation: Principles of Geodata Acquisition,Remote Sensing, Principles of GIS, Principles of Geovisualization-Cartography,Spatial Analysis,Use and Development of Web Mapping Applicationns, Database Design and Database Management and Geoinformation disseminatin via Internet,Spatial databases, Projects
MSc GIS & Environmental Management: Introduction to GIS, Introduction to Remote Sensing, Passive Remote Sensing, Active Remote Sensing-LiDAR and RADAR in the GeoSciences, Spatial Analysis, Applications in GIS, Environmental Impact Assessment,Environmental Placements
I will be finishing my masters in August 2016.
Back at home my partner in our small consultancy that we have established is a qualified land surveyor, holding a Bachelors Degree in Geomatics from the Polytechnic of Namibia.

We are interested in registering with PLATO. Please assist us with advise on requirements, how to go about the process,considering our mentioned qualifications. Also advise on where exactly we fit on the categories.
If anyone here can be willing to assist with information or help us get registered we would be very grateful, we are open to collaborations on projects also.

Please reply to the same email,your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
RegardsSizwe Mabuza(MM GeomaticsSurveys, Swaziland)
Universitty of Brighton, England(Current)
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