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Why not join one of these sessions or initiate a local one yourself:


Quoting from the site:

    On February 21, we are organizing an Ebola Open Data Jam in several
    locations around the world. The goal of this one day event is to
    collect publically available data sources of information that
    describe the healthcare capabilities of Sierra Leone. It is a sad
    fact of history that many multinational organizations have more data
    about Sierra Leone and Liberia healthcare than their own Ministries
    of Health. We are looking for detailed descriptions about hospitals
    and clinics, doctors, nurses, beds, equipment, ambulances, staff,
    roads, supply chains, IT and communications capabilities.

    We want to collect and curate this information and make it a gift to
    the nations of Liberia and Sierra Leone to post it on their Open
    Data Portal so that they are empowered to know more about their own
    country and to share that knowledge with the international community
    so that health governance and patient outcomes can be improved. We
    know that greater information and transparency is a pre-requisite to
    public confidence in health services, which itself is a condition
    for economic recovery.

    Participants will be asked to choose from five workstreams:

    1. Collecting healthcare data, corroborating sources, documenting

    2. Curating data and developing templates for ongoing records
    management to help SL maintain the accuracy of the information over time

    3. Communication protocols between health facilities to manage
    information and coordinate capacity.

    4. Define Data Governance program components to integrate health
    information management with government and civil society
    stakeholders as part of Open Government Initiative

    5. Develop educational materials to enable the governments of
    liberia and sierra leone to skill up on Open Data and Data
    Governance and become self-sufficient.

    6. Provide data Visualization Workstreams & Analytics to make data
    consumable by the citizens.

    We are working closely with the governments of Sierra Leone and
    Liberia, the Open Government Partnership, the UN Mission for Ebola
    Emergency Response, the World Bank, USAID, CDC, WHO, and many others.

    We are meeting in NYC, Washington DC, Winchester UK, Freetown,
    Monrovia, and Kampala on February 21st in a globally coordinated
    Ebola Open Data Jam to collect, curate and publish datasets, photos,
    videos, and other rich media which describe the healthcare
    capabilities of West African nations confronting the Ebola Epidemic.
    We want to empower these nations with accurate information about
    their own health capabilities to better govern the availability of
    resources and build health security.

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