[OSGeo Africa] Arusha, Tanzania - Bioinformatics Workshops 2015 - QGIS; R stats.

Mike Shand Mike.Shand at glasgow.ac.uk
Sat Nov 7 05:14:45 PST 2015

Final bookings are still being accepted for the courses offered below.  
Full Course Details and Registration can be found from the TZ CRC 
website <http://www.tzcrc.org/wp/2015-skills-workshop/> and links below.
The November / December and training days are $50 - $75 per day, the 
software used is all cross-platform FREE and OpenSource (QGIS; GPS 
Babel; R etc)

Please share this with colleagues or post on other relevant lists.


Arusha Bioinformatics Workshops 2015

GIS Mapping and statistics courses for conservation.

The Tanzania Conservation Resource Centre is pleased to announce a new 
series of workshops for Nov-Dec 2015. Workshops will be held in Arusha, 
Tanzania, in the week before and week after the TAWIRI Scientific 

The Centre’s training focusses on high-quality _FREE_and 
Open-Sourcesoftware, without the need for costly licenses and upgrades. 
Trainers have years of experience in both use and development of the 

Venue:Courses will all be held in Arusha at Solomon House (near the 

Costs:Course costs vary by number of days and include course materials 
and lunch only.

Scholarships:A very limited number of places are available for 
attendance, and students are advised to seek positions early.

For more information or inquiries regarding the skills workshop 
training, see the detailed course descriptions and register on our 
website <http://www.tzcrc.org/wp/2015-skills-workshop/>: 

Email:<mailto:workshops at tzcrc.org>workshops at tzcrc.orgPhone: +255 684 813 848



Dates and costs

Introduction to statistics with R

"R is a free, open-source language and software, which is becoming one 
of the most popular options for statistics and graphics in the sciences. 
It is recommended for those needing to use statistics to analyse data 
who have little or no experience of statistics. The course would also be 
an ideal introduction to R for students with experience of other 
statistical packages."

Trainer: Rob Critchlow (Univ. of York)

Prerequisites: Basic computer and mathematics skills.


23-27 Nov


5 days.

Cartographic design and map publication with QGIS

How to create and design high quality maps with QGIS.

The course is aimed at those who wish to produce high quality maps for 
standalone printing or as part of  reports and other publications.

Trainer: Mike Shand (University of Glasgow)

Prerequisites: A working knowledge of GIS and experience in map 
production. Sense of creativity in professional content writing for 
official purpose.


25-27 Nov


3 days

GPS for fieldwork mapping

The course is aimed at fieldworkers who wish to quickly & efficiently 
map and view their GPS data while in the field or in the office.

Trainer: Mike Shand (University of Glasgow)

Prerequisites: A basic working knowledge of computers and understanding 
of GPS and its terminologies.


30 Nov- 01 Dec


2 days

QGIS for mapping and cartography

An introduction to QGIS (a free GIS application). The course is aimed at 
fieldworkers who wish to produce professional maps from their fieldwork 
data and combining  it with other sources.

Trainer: Mike Shand (University of Glasgow)

Prerequisites: A basic working knowledge of computers and some 
experience working with map data captured through fieldwork.


7-11 Dec


5 days

Advanced QGIS with PostGIS

Setting up, managing and using a geodatabase in PostGIS, which offers 
advanced GIS methods and analysis.

Trainer: Paolo Cavallini (Faunalia)

Prerequisites: Good working knowledge of QGIS, and a desire to develop 
skills in PostGIS and analysis.


7-9 Dec


3 days

Tanzania Conservation Resource Centre

PO Box 485  •  Arusha, Tanzania

*+255 684 813 848  • *www.tzcrc.org <http://www.tzcrc.org>

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