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Gavin Fleming gavin at kartoza.com
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Hi Chris

On 27/11/2015 11:35, Chucker one wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am doing some research to see if QGIS could replace some of the
> propriety GIS software at the company I work for. QGIS will primarily
> be used for viewing vectors and digitizing from satellite and aerial
> images. For processing we generally use custom python and C++ scripts
> and programs.
> The vector data we use can range from a few MB to GB in size which
> contain thousands to millions of features per dataset. There for I
> have proposed to move from a file based vector format to a PostGIS
> database.
Great choice.
> My questions are:
>  1. Are there any benchmarking stats for the latest LTS QGIS? If not,
>     how would I go about benchmarking QGIS?
Here's a benchmarking link I found:
>  1. I have enabled multi-core rendering,
>  1. render caching,
>  1. and increased the zoom factor to 5
not sure what you mean here?
>  1. and created spatial indices for vectors and pyramids for rasters
>  1. , which have greatly improved rendering performance. However, I
>     still encountered a lot of mini dumps and not responding errors
>     (Win 7 64bit) when doing basic panning and editing on large
>     datasets. What other settings/options are there to increase
>     performance?

- Set scale thresholds so rendering only occurs at appropriate scales.
- Use rule-based classification to apply different scale thresholds to
different filters.
- For rasters, create virtual rasters (image catalogs), possibly further
process images to add internal tiling and other optimisations or
consider serving them from a WMS server or tile store.

In General Options - > rendering:
- tweak refresh rate / update interval
- enable server-side feature simplification

Is all your data local? If not, then network constraints might be coming
in to play.

Report the dumps and errors at http://hub.qgis.org if they are repeatable.

> Just in case, I do not think hardware is an issue, since most of the
> computers have 12 core CPUs, 16GB to 64GB ram, 500GB-1TB SSDs and high
> end Gfx cards.
> Thanks in advance
> Chris
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