[OSGeo Africa] Student Seeking Funding For Honours

Athenkosi Ntshate ntshatea at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 08:26:05 PST 2016

Complements of the new year!!!

Good Afternoon Colleagues

I am Athenkosi Ntshate, graduated from University of Fort hare in the
school of science. I am a B.Science graduate majored with Geology and GIS,
currently I am on my 2nd year of internship at Eastern Cape Department of
Human Settlements in East London. I am accepted at NMMU for B.Science
Honours in GIS but I am having a major problem since the registration date
is getting closer none of the sponsors I have applied for have responded
till date.

I have been trying to do my honours since 2013 after completing my degree
but I was unfortunate that year I got sick in the middle of first semester.
In 2014 I attempted again but They complicated my things although I ended
up registering and they did not want me to do it part time since I was
still on my internship and I deregistered.

This time I applied as early as March last year and will do the programne
fulltime and got my confirmation by June. I started applying for bursaries
even the Nmmu RCD bursary but I have not been answered yet and I would like
to pursue my honours because in future I would like to register with Plato
as a G.Sci Professional. Currently I have written the Plato G.Sci
Technician exam and have done an ArcBasic Course with Esri.

I would like to ask you if dont you have Supervisor Linked bursary that you
can take me for I can promise you that I am a hatd worker and I am not a
lazy person at all. Kindly see my CV and accompanying documents. And please
advise me I am left with 2 months on my internship do i have to resign
immidiately after registration or can continue until it ends by 30th March,
I would appreciate even registration fee only just to start with my
studies. I know I can achieve my dream although I dont have any funds and
no one to pay for my fees. I have applied to more than 10 institutions for
funding till date I havent got any response.

Any good Samaritan please help out.Kindly find my CV and documents, Hoping
to hear from you soon.

Best Regards

Athenkosi Ntshate
GIS Technician intern
Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements
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