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> On 09 Jan 2016, at 18:26, Athenkosi Ntshate <ntshatea at gmail.com> wrote:
> Complements of the new year!!!
> Good Afternoon Colleagues
> I am Athenkosi Ntshate, graduated from University of Fort hare in the school of science. I am a B.Science graduate majored with Geology and GIS, currently I am on my 2nd year of internship at Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements in East London. I am accepted at NMMU for B.Science Honours in GIS but I am having a major problem since the registration date is getting closer none of the sponsors I have applied for have responded till date.
> I have been trying to do my honours since 2013 after completing my degree but I was unfortunate that year I got sick in the middle of first semester. In 2014 I attempted again but They complicated my things although I ended up registering and they did not want me to do it part time since I was still on my internship and I deregistered.
> This time I applied as early as March last year and will do the programne fulltime and got my confirmation by June. I started applying for bursaries even the Nmmu RCD bursary but I have not been answered yet and I would like to pursue my honours because in future I would like to register with Plato as a G.Sci Professional. Currently I have written the Plato G.Sci Technician exam and have done an ArcBasic Course with Esri.
> I would like to ask you if dont you have Supervisor Linked bursary that you can take me for I can promise you that I am a hatd worker and I am not a lazy person at all. Kindly see my CV and accompanying documents. And please advise me I am left with 2 months on my internship do i have to resign immidiately after registration or can continue until it ends by 30th March, I would appreciate even registration fee only just to start with my studies. I know I can achieve my dream although I dont have any funds and no one to pay for my fees. I have applied to more than 10 institutions for funding till date I havent got any response.
> Any good Samaritan please help out.Kindly find my CV and documents, Hoping to hear from you soon.

Unfortunately I don’t have funds to help you, but I would like to suggest to you that you make your appeal clearer:

* how much money do you need?
* when do you need it by?
* what will the funds be used for?
* what exactly is the course you will be studying etc.?

I’d be happy to keep an eye out to see if someone can help you, and hopefully with a bit more info, others on this list will be able to help you if possible.

Lastly I would like to mention that it is a very bad idea to send out your ID book and CV etc. direct to the mailing list - you make yourself vulnerable to identity theft which could leave you in a very bad situation indeed. See here for a little insight into why you should be more careful about sharing such information:

http://www.icts.uct.ac.za/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=6284 <http://www.icts.uct.ac.za/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=6284>

I wish you the best of luck in furthering your career.



> Best Regards
> Athenkosi Ntshate
> Cell:0837830561
> Work:0437119823
> GIS Technician intern
> Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements
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