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Thu Jul 7 09:28:02 PDT 2016

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On Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 6:19 PM, Zoltan Szecsei <zoltan.szecsei at gmail.com>

> Hi Everyone,
> Maybe someone can give me a prod in the right direction?
> I have two Shape files (both polygons).
> I'm trying to copy an attribute field value from B.shp into A.shp, using
> Lon and Lat from two of A.shp attribute fields to select the relevant
> polygon's attribute in B.shp.
> In other words:
> A.shp attribute fields are:  "Name", "Longitude" and "Latitude"
> B.shp attribute field is "Name"
> Using the LatLong coords in the attribute fields of A.shp, I want to
> select a polygon in B.shp, and write that polygons "Name" contents into
> this A.shp's "Name" field.
> Is the field calculator up for this?
> I've been trying to find ways of reference fields in separate maps
> (layers), but neither Google or I are winning at this.
> Regards, and TIA,
> Zoltan
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