[OSGeo Africa] Referencing a GeoTiff in AutoCAD

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It is highly unlikely that a file is not backwardly compatible. Older versions of Autocad did not interpret the header of a geotiff file correctly and relied on the associated .tfw file for placement in a planimetric space that seems correct as long as all other images are in the same projection.

This is could be the source of your problems. Not sure what version of Autocad you are using.

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Morning Colleagues

I have a DTM (.GeoTiff), I am trying to reference this into AutoCAD. I am getting the following error massages (but the very same file attaches in Global Mapper, GeoMedia).

-The data in the file is corrupted
-The file is an earlier format that is no longer supported -The file is not supported

Is there a specific way to attach a Geotiff in AutoCad?

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