[OSGeo Africa] FOSS4G Africa two weeks away

Gavin Fleming gavin at kartoza.com
Wed Jun 14 05:59:01 PDT 2017

Hi all

It’s just two weeks to go to the FOSS4G Africa 2017 and QGIS South Africa User Group conference on 28-30 June and Code Sprint on 1 July.
* You won’t get GIS training this cheap again!

* 3 CPD Points * for the conference (Category 1a)

* 1 CPD Point * for the Code Sprint (Category 1b)

Check out the PROGRAMME: https://foss4g-africa.org/en/programme/ <https://foss4g-africa.org/en/programme/>

REGISTER NOW: https://foss4g-africa.org/en/register/ <https://foss4g-africa.org/en/register/>

GISSA members: If you are a paid-up GISSA member, the 28th is free as GISSA Gauteng is merging their General Meeting with the conference. And you get a great deal on the Thursday and Friday. 
We can still work you into the programme if you’d like to share the FOSS GIS work you’re doing in a workshop or presentation : https://foss4g-africa.org/en/proposals/submit/ <https://foss4g-africa.org/en/proposals/submit/>
More at http://foss4g-africa.org <http://foss4g-africa.org/>.

This is your opportunity to share what you are doing with QGIS and other FOSS GIS software in the form of presentations or workshops.
We will be joined by SAGTA <http://sagta.org.za/> (Southern African Geography Teachers' Association) to get the conversation going between the GIS industry and geography education.

Hands-on workshops included in registration
InaSAFE (disaster management with QGIS)
OpenDroneMap (Stephen Mather will be giving a keynote and workshop)
And more...
Code sprint
Interaction between teachers and GIS techies
See a Tangible Landscape in action 
Affordable registration (~R900 per day)

Hope to see you there


OSGeo Africa 
South African QGIS User Group
GISSA Open Source SIG

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