[OSGeo Africa] Android GPS tracking on offline imagery

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Hi Zoltan

I am amazed that Aslam has not already replied with "PDF Viewer"...NGI actively promotes it.

Personally I have all the 250k topos on my tablet and also upload any 50k topos (tifs work fine) of areas that I want to go to. You can even make maps (with routes/point of interest etc and the background you prefer) in a GIS package of your choosing and provided that package can save a georeferenced PDF, you can then save that on the tablet. I have successfully used this on holiday, when driving along the "less travelled" roads - checking my location relative to the planned route and 50k topo images.

You certainly can see you current location and I believe you can drop some pins. It is also free (last time I checked they wanted to sell you maps/data, which we don’t need). Scrolling is smooth on my tablet.I certainly would not recommend it as a spatial data capturing app, but it certainly is good as an informal tool.

Negatives: It crashes often on my tablet, but only when I am doing uploads/processing. I don’t recall it crashing during actual use. Uploading many separate files/tifs is cumbersome. Get a good sized SD card...it duplicates your tifs into what I suspect are tiles and/or pyramids. It is picky about the types of tifs it consumes, but I cannot remember which...I suggest starting with uncompressed RGB images.

Hope that helps

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Hi AfricaList,
I see that there is a truckload of GIS related Apps in the Google Playstore.

I've just bought the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (latest Android) and would like to put some TIF format aerial orthos onto it, and view them "at my current location" (track while I drive).
Beyond that plus zoom in/out, the only functionality I might want is to drop a pin at current location, and add a short note to it.

So, given this really basic, simple need, plus the billions of Android apps in the playstore, would anyone like to recommend a really lightweight app that I can do this with?

Regards and thanks in advance,


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