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Antony Cooper ACooper at csir.co.za
Mon Sep 18 10:34:34 PDT 2017

Hi All

Firstly, there are some post codes that don't have postal areas, or
don't have meaningful postal areas, such as those for PO Boxes and
Private Bags.  For example, the post code for the CSIR's main site is
0001, which is the main post office in Pretoria.  The CSIR is about 8.8
kms away in Brummeria (0184), and in between we have the likes of
Arcadia (0007 and 0083), Hatfield (0028 and 0083), Colbyn (0083),
Bryntirion (0083), Sunnyside (0132 and 0002)and Pretoria Central (0002),
and maybe others.  You might gather than I am not a fan of post-code

Secondly, the postal delivery hierarchy is the property of the South
African Post Office and it is structured according to delivery routes,
etc, and there might not even be definitive or formal postal boundaries.
 It is possible that some postal routes cross one another.  In any case,
SAPO will not give out such data for free and probably would not want to
be responsible for maintaining post-code geographies, because their
priority is delivering post and not a static, large-scale set of
polygons for collecting and analysing data.

Hence, it is not surprising that address data sets are expensive to
buy, because the private sector vendors of them invest a lot of
resources in creating and maintaining them.


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> Hi
> Ouch it is a pity it is not publicly available :-( * or did I miss 
> something?
> Regards
> Tim
>> On 18 Sep 2017, at 10:05 PM, Tshepisho Lefenyo
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>> Dear Mr 
>> Please check the following link:
>> http://www.stgroup.co.za/spatial-data-products/ 
> <http://www.stgroup.co.za/spatial-data-products/>
>> A few years ago,the site helped a lot during my GIS project.
>> I hope that will help.
>> Regards
>> Tshepi
>> On 18 Sep 2017 16:26, "Aslam Parker" <Aslam.Parker at drdlr.gov.za > <mailto:Aslam.Parker at drdlr.gov.za>> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> Can anybody guide me to where I can find a postal area shapefile for
> Africa. I am not sure if you have this dataset or if you know someone
that I 
> can directly contact to get this data.
>> Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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Information | 
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