[OSGeo Africa] National Positional Accuracy Standards for DigitalGeospatial Data

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Dear Muzi

I am not aware of a standard, (good question) however all I know is that you should declare your positional accuracy on your product. The positional accuracy is dealt with on a case by case basis depending on the clients requirements.

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Subject: [OSGeo Africa] National Positional Accuracy Standards for DigitalGeospatial Data

Hi List,

I once asked this question in a GISSA meeting sometime in 2015. With regards to 'strictly' rasterized digital geospatial data (e.g. DTMs and Orthomosaics), do we have a South African national positional accuracy standard? I think the rapid recent technological advancements in UAV and GNSS/RTK technology necessitates this question.

If we do have a standard, where do I find it?

ASPRS has something of this nature but are we looking into adopting some of this and making it mandatory for the sake of our profession?



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