[OSGeo Africa] ESRI and the SG

Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Wed Aug 15 00:05:34 PDT 2018

    Some time ago I was pleasantly surprised to notice that 
    the SG property search ( Spatial Data view ) website / 
    webapp was again working -- although it appeared to be 
    running under the auspices of ESRI-South Africa ?

    OK I thought fantastic-- working again -- that ESRI stuff 
    was someone elses concern ( at a much higher pay grade 
    than little old me )
    Sadly I notice that this SG service is AGAIN 

    Please can someone tell me what the latest and current 
    problem is ?
    Must I send mail to ESRI head office -- seeing as it IS 
    THEIR software , THEIR  logo and THEIR 
    implementation ! 
    ( not to mention their "good-name" )
    ( not to mention the burniong issue of FOSS )


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