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Ruan Fourie ruan at highwave.co.za
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Dear all,

This is 100% correct.

Kind Regards/Groete,


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Dear all,

Copyright of various parties exist.

On a zoning plan, copyright of the Land Surveyor exists as well as the Municipality. If Aerecon charge for such, SAGI will happily charge them a copyright fee for using the data in the first place.

The law is very clear on copyright. If anybody is charged for Land Use data or cadastral data, please let SAGI know. In fact any data where the cadastral parcel is used.



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Good day Frank,

Yes, I spoke to the GIS department but they only referred me to the online zoning viewer. The online zoning viewer is very poor, as I cannot make good maps.

Aerecon was the consultants on the project, they have all the data but charged R650.00 per plan. This is sad, as they were paid to supply the municipality with the data which should be available to the public.

Kind Regards/Groete,

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Hi Ruan,

Have you approached anyone at the Muncipality? If they don't have anything they might be able to refer you to consultants, organisations or companies in Kimberley who might have this information.

Regards, Frank.

On 24/08/2018 08:41, Ruan Fourie wrote:
Good day all,

I am desperately looking for zoning data of the Sol Plaatje Municipality?

Kind Regards/Groete, Ruan Fourie


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