[OSGeo Africa] Offer of free OSGeo booth at AfricaGeo

Gavin Fleming gavinjfleming at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 12:47:46 PDT 2018

Hi all

The organisers have very generously offered our community a free 3x3m exhibition space at https://africageo.org.za/.

> AfricaGeo will make available to the FOSS / OSgeo community a 3x3 exhibition space – free of charge.
> The exhibition space is without shell scheme but will have a plug point. If a shell is needed the cost is R3295 – which is the contractors cost to build the shell – we just pass it on at cost.
> Access to the exhibition hall is free – for anybody and everybody. Teas/coffees/food will only be for the conference delegates – but there are loads of takeaways / restaurants at emperors anyway.
> Somebody would need to man the stand – but one can have as many people manning the stand as one likes – as access is free.
> Only delegates will have access to the talks.

If you would like to attend to explain and promote FOSS GIS and services around it then please respond on the list. Also do so if you are already attending the conference and would like to volunteer to be at the stand. 

If there is sufficient interest I’ll accept on behalf of OSGeo Africa and we can organise a roster. 

If anyone is willing to sponsor the shell scheme that would be great. 

I’m sure it would be acceptable to bring materials promoting your FOSS support services as well as hardware / software / data that you can use to show things. 


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