[OSGeo Africa] Framework Agreement - Meeting between SITA and SAGI.

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Dear all,


There does not seem to be any volunteers, so I will get a group going on this. In due course we will let the community have the document.








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Dear All,


This is an open report back on a meeting that took place yesterday between SITA and myself (as SAGI president) in respect of the framework agreement that SITA has, that has caused a lot of trouble lately.


I don’t have time to write a long and lengthy report back, but the meeting was very positive. At the core of the outcomes is the following;

1.	The GIS community needs to draw up a matrix of software and functionality available.
2.	The matrix will then be classified onto the G-Commerce system with its applicable codes.
3.	SAGI then prepare regional workshops on all the software available and documentation on standard tender criteria – such workshops should rather be styled as a Forum that regularly takes place to engage SITA, Municipalities and Organs of state on Software and tender processes.
4.	SITA will make available time for us to Workshop all the software options to its employees and encourage participation in the forum.
5.	The matrix will then be referred to the requester when they make a request for software to SITA.

The meeting lasted 1 hour and was very informative. SITA was very willing to help as I think they got the message that the matter was not going to go away – in fact if they don’t resolve it, it will be escalated. The process is a bit fluid and will be firmed up in a strong working relationship between the profession and SITA as this progresses.


The GIS community now need to, in my view, elect a few people to work on a task force that can draw up a matrix and assist with other tender related documentation, best practice in putting out a tender etc.. etc….


It is roughly planned that the first workshop with SITA officials will take place in about 3 months’ time.


I have been working with Gavin Fleming somewhat on the issues – so he is aware of yesterday’s meeting.




Peter Newmarch

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