[OSGeo Africa] Topographic Map Series of Namibia?

Walter Smit Walter.Smit at drdlr.gov.za
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Hi Grant

Sorry, I don’t have a contact for Namibia. As you probably know, it is best to contact NGI directly at sales at drdlr.gov.za for the SA stuff.

I seem to recall seeing the hard copy versions of Namibian topos in the NGI archives at Mowbray. Might have been very old versions, from when Namibia as still South West Africa (ie, part of South Africa).

Talking about history, I created a map series/index/layer of all the editions of South African 1:50000 topo maps (going back to the 1930s). It is however a little outdated now (did it in 2013 I think) and NGI has since "found" some of missing editions that I pointed out to them. I am happy to share the actual imagery if someone is interested. It is viewable online, but via a difficult-to-use portal unfortunately.

Kind regards

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Hi All,

Does anyone have a contact I could speak to at the Namibian Directorate of Survey and Mapping? Preferably via email, I have tried phoning, but have been unable to get through.

I am trying to see if it possible to get digital copies of their 1:50k topographic series maps. Alternatively scanned? What is the cost?
Could I get copies of the older series from the South African NGI?

Myself and a colleague received copies of the South African 1:50k topographic series and we created this site:

I want to create a similar site for the Namibia 1:50k series.

PS: I'd happy to create similar sites for any other African country where I can receive copies of their topographic maps. Work at the mapping agency or have a good contact? Please advise.

PPS: Madmappers have seemingly have the entire series, but I haven't been able to contact them successfully. Anyone have a contact?

Kind regards,

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