[OSGeo Africa] Topographic Map Series of Namibia?

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Mon Dec 10 05:17:14 PST 2018

Hi Walter,

> I seem to recall seeing the hard copy versions of Namibian topos in the NGI archives at Mowbray. Might have been very old versions, from when Namibia as still South West Africa (ie, part of South Africa).

Yes, I think NGI do have South West Africa era editions of the
Namibian topographic maps. I haven't yet asked them about these.
I wonder how much it would cost to have them scanned? Madmappers lists
there being 1218 sheets: https://www.madmappers.com/mapset.php?MS=203

> Talking about history, I created a map series/index/layer of all the editions of South African 1:50000 topo maps (going back to the 1930s). It is however a little outdated now (did it in 2013 I think) and NGI has since "found" some of missing editions that I pointed out to them. I am happy to share the actual imagery if someone is interested. It is viewable online, but via a difficult-to-use portal unfortunately.

Yes, I'd love to see what you have... I think I have scans of most of
the NGI 1:50k topographic series, going back to 1930s.
Here is a slippy map with switcher at the top for Cape Town area:
Doing a national version of this is still on the todo list.

Kind regards,


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