[OSGeo Africa] Request for study materials

Cleopatra Ntsumele ntsumelecleopatra at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 23:13:19 PDT 2019

I am a Masters student registered for MSc Geography at the University of
South Africa focusing on water quality and the primary risks of the Vaal
River, I was referred to this group by Dr Wiseman Chingombe from the
University of Mpumalanga for assistance with the Vaal River and it relevent
catchments shapefiles together with the landuse shapefiles in order to draw
maps using ArcGIS for my study. Thank you, your assistance will be highly

Kind Regards
Ntsumele Languta Cleopatra
Mobile Tel: +27 78 397 1865
E-mail: ntsumelecleopatra at gmail.com
E-mail: <E-mail%3A14014556 at mvula.univen.ac.za> LangutaN at daff.gov.za
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