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Hi Cleopatra,

You can get relevant data from the DWS website
<http://www.dwa.gov.za/iwqs/wms/data/000key2data.asp> such as primary,
secondary and quarternary catchment areas. If you contact Okonkwo Adaora
<OkonkwoA at dws.gov.za> from DWS, he might be able to supply you with the
resource unit and integrated unit of analysis datasets too.

On Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 8:12 AM Cleopatra Ntsumele <
ntsumelecleopatra at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am a Masters student registered for MSc Geography at the University of
> South Africa focusing on water quality and the primary risks of the Vaal
> River, I was referred to this group by Dr Wiseman Chingombe from the
> University of Mpumalanga for assistance with the Vaal River and it relevent
> catchments shapefiles together with the landuse shapefiles in order to draw
> maps using ArcGIS for my study. Thank you, your assistance will be highly
> appreciated.
> Kind Regards
> Ntsumele Languta Cleopatra
> Mobile Tel: +27 78 397 1865
> E-mail: ntsumelecleopatra at gmail.com
> E-mail: <E-mail%3A14014556 at mvula.univen.ac.za> LangutaN at daff.gov.za
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