[OSGeo Africa] Publishing images in folder dynamically to GeoServer

Zibusiso Ncube ncubezedm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 03:30:34 PST 2020

Good Day All,

I am *new* to geoserver, i want to find out is there a way of of
dynamically publishing images that are added to a folder. I have a process
that generates images and writes them to a directory on my machine. I want
to be able to publish this new image everytime it is generated.

I have test situation with GeoServer on Tomcat (local machine obviously
right now still testing) and PostGIS on locally running PostgreSQL database
(this is primarily for all my vector data) and folder that stores images
that are generated from a python script.I want to be able to publish the
images generated by the script automatically without having to sit down
every-time and physically publish them.(they are all the same in term of
spatial attributes i.e. area of coverage, resolution, projections etc etc).
These will be consumed by web application dev'ed using geoext and
openlayers ( i am new to all this).

PS - examples (especially online) of some automation via code or similar
would be much appreciated - very comfortable with python and intermediate
with JS. Been search for a long time now i am not making headway🤦🏾‍♂️.


Zibusiso M Ncube
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