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Wed Feb 26 08:44:58 PST 2020

Hi Zibusiso

On 2020/02/26 13:30, Zibusiso Ncube wrote:
> Good Day All,
> I am *new* to geoserver, i want to find out is there a way of of 
> dynamically publishing images that are added to a folder. I have a 
> process that generates images and writes them to a directory on my 
> machine. I want to be able to publish this new image everytime it is 
> generated.

You will need a monitoring tool on your machine that listens to file 
changes i.e https://pypi.org/project/watchdog/

Once you have that in place you can use GeoServer rest API to publish 
the images to Geoserver (https://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/rest/)



> *[context]*
> I have test situation with GeoServer on Tomcat (local machine 
> obviously right now still testing) and PostGIS on locally running 
> PostgreSQL database (this is primarily for all my vector data) and 
> folder that stores images that are generated from a python script.I 
> want to be able to publish the images generated by the 
> script automatically without having to sit down every-time and 
> physically publish them.(they are all the same in term of spatial 
> attributes i.e. area of coverage, resolution, projections etc etc). 
> These will be consumed by web application dev'ed using geoext and 
> openlayers ( i am new to all this).
> PS - examples (especially online) of some automation via code or 
> similar would be much appreciated - very comfortable with python and 
> intermediate with JS. Been search for a long time now i am not making 
> headway🤦🏾‍♂️.
> Regards
> Zibusiso M Ncube
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