[OSGeo Africa] COVID-19 Geospatial Analysis

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Interesting map!!! Would be nice if they would provide a little bit of 
information with it on what the vulnerability actually is and what the 
points are (communities? suburbs/villages?), especially for the layman 
coming across the map.



On 2020/05/20 16:48, Abraham Parbhunath wrote:
> I also think you are on to something, but as with everything it 
> depends on what level of detail was captured by the authorities.  Good 
> luck and we look forward to you sharing your results.  Are you 
> planning on integrating with a machine learning tool for forecasting?
> Incidentally, I am not sure if any of you have seen this map?
> https://circlecityinfo.co.za/covid-19-map/
> Regards
> Abraham Parbhunath
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> Hi,
> It is definitely useful, and many teams are doing it right now in a 
> few countries. The COVID-19 crisis has taken the demand and use of 
> geospatial data to an unprecedented level in epidemiology, the 
> management of health emergencies and governance. In fact, there is no 
> choice, it is a matter of life and death. However, it is key that 
> research is carried out by professionals, in a collaborative and 
> multidisciplinary way. It must also be linked decision-making by the 
> government and partners.
> SA and African countries must seize the opportunities offered by this 
> trend.
> Stay safe,
> Prof Georges Tadonki
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> On Wed, May 20, 2020, 06:13 Kevin Musungu <kevin.musungu at gmail.com 
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>     Hi Madodomzi,
>     Such data is certainly useful. With sufficient data one can model
>     spatial growth with time. I think it may give an insight into
>     areas that are most vulnerable to pandemics especially when
>     included with other data like population density, housing types,
>     proximity to health facilities, sanitation, demographics etc. A
>     lot of it is common sense but mapping it in a GIS environment with
>     multicriteria assessment can give alot of insight into spatial
>     vulnerability. The difficulty is usually in collating the discrete
>     datasets because they are often held by different organisations
>     but it certainly isn't futile.
>     Kind regards
>     Kevin
>     On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 11:48 AM Stephen Wiggins
>     <wiggins.stephen at gmail.com <mailto:wiggins.stephen at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         I think it would definitely help. Not a futile exercise at all.
>         Provide assistance with understanding why certain areas are
>         hotspots and other not, whereby reducing and preventing
>         hotspots from occurring in these vulnerable areas in the future.
>         Kind Regards
>         On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 11:24 AM Samantha Goodchild-Brown
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>             At a guess, no, it wouldn’t help. Not without vectors and
>             reasons of travel factored in.
>             But that’s why we do research….
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>             Dear List,
>             Could the analysis of existing time and place COVID-19
>             data help us understand spatiotemporal tendencies of
>             pandemics and help us to simulate spatial spreads of
>             future viral outbreaks?
>             Would this help with readiness or preparedness for future
>             outbreaks or just a futile exercise?
>             Regards,
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