[OSGeo-Announce] OSGeo Welcomes New Board and Charter Members

Jorge Sanz jsanz at osgeo.org
Wed Oct 5 10:33:00 PDT 2016

Today the OSGeo family welcomes many new passionate leaders from
around the world, having recently elected new charter and board
members in the 2016 election.

33 charter members have been added to the OSGeo foundation, bringing
the total number of OSGeo charter members to 312.  The breakdown by
region of charter members shows the great diversity of the OSGeo

* Europe & Central Asia (165)
* North America (75)
* East Asia & Pacific (37)
* Latin America & Caribbean (16)
* South Asia (14)
* Sub-Saharan Africa (4)

The OSGeo foundation is extremely happy to welcome new members to the
Board of Directors, Maria Antonia Brovelli and Angelos Tzotsos, as
well as returning members Vasile Craciunescu and Michael Smith.  Also
thank you to the past board members Dirk Frigne and Massimiliano
Cannata for their past contributions.

The complete OSGeo Board of Directors for 2016/2017 is:

* Maria Antonia Brovelli (Italy)
* Vasile Craciunescu (Romania)
* Jody Garnett (Canada)
* Anita Graser (Austria)
* Helena Mitasova (United States)
* Venkatesh Raghavan (Japan)
* Sanghee Shin (South Korea)
* Michael Smith (United States)
* Angelos Tzotsos (Greece)

The OSGeo family grows stronger today!

Jeff McKenna
President Emeritus, OSGeo

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