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Les envío este post que me llegó recientemente sobre una conferencia a realizarse en Ecuador. 

Tengo una duda con respecto al título de la conferencia ¿El primer FOSS4G - LA no fue en Chile el año pasado?


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Escuela Superior Polit?cnica del Litoral - Guayaquil - Ecuador
with Politecnico di Milano and ISPRS WG IV/5 (Distributed and Web-Based
Geoinformation Services and Applications)

is organizing in Guayaquil  the

*First Latin American Conference of Free and Open Source GIS - I Congreso
Latinoamericano de Aplicaci?n de Sistemas de Informaci?n Geogr?fica (SIG)
de c?digo libre y abierto.
*Background of the event *
The awareness about the necessity of integrating, if not basing, the most
of environmental and territorial analyses with geography and mapping has
been growing at every administrative and governmental level. In the
meanwhile the success of application, like for instance Google Earth,
demonstrates the dramatic curiosity and active interest of people with
respect to the space in which they live. Lowering barriers to contributing,
making easier the interaction and the possibility of participation will
result in more photos, maps and other pieces of information uploaded and
therefore plays an important role in that success.
The availability of a richer information (from institutional and/or crowd
sourced data) can help decision-makers in their activity.
Free and Open Source Tools and Applications are rapidly increasing in
number and quality. Many and different actors are involved in such a kind
of process: large and small companies, professional practitioners, public
agencies, universities, research centers but also simple map lovers.
The conference aims at foster interdisciplinary discussions in all aspects
of the geospatial and free and open source domains. The conference will be
organized in a way to promote networking between the participants, to
initiate and favour discussions regarding cutting-edge technologies in the
field, to exchange research ideas and to promote national and international
Themes of the Event*
Presentations should cover aspects of the use or development of open source
Some topics of interest:

  -   Case Studies and Application of free and open source GIS
  -   State of Development of free and open source GIS
  -   Migration from proprietary to free and open source solutions:
  problems, advantages, drawbacks

The proposed dates of the event are: *24-25 October 2012.*

Other possible co-organizers of the event are the Ecuadorian Secretary for
Risk Management and ICA (requests sent, waiting for reply).

The Organizer Committee is asking for *OSGeo support* in whichever form it
is possible.

For more information please contact:

*Indira Nolivos Alvarez*
Departamento de Sistemas y Control
Facultad de Ingenier?a en Electricidad y Computaci?n
Escuela Superior Polit?cnica del Litoral
inolivos at fiec.espol.edu.ec

*Sergio Flores*
Departamento de Sistemas y Control
Facultad de Ingenier?a en Electricidad y Computaci?n
Escuela Superior Polit?cnica del Litoral
sflores at fiec.espol.edu.ec

*Maria Antonia Brovelli*
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Politecnico di Milano - Campus Como
maria.brovelli at polimi.it
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