[Aust-NZ] Code Sprint

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Sun Dec 30 23:10:51 EST 2007

50 people showed up, at the peak.
Tables in rounds (worked well).
As many power cables as the hotel had.
Wireless internet.
Food for all at lunch.
Coffee and snacks in the morning.
Flip charts at each table.
Cost about $1500, room+food+av. The AV wasn't good, would have been  
better if we'd stayed at the conference center, since we had them  
trained by that point. The hotel wasn't expecting the kind of load  
generated by 50 true simultaneous users.

> Roughly, how many people turned up?
> What did you supply?
> * Desk
> * Chair
> * Power Point
> * Wireless Internet or Ethernet
> * Food?
> * Anything else?

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