[Belgium] reflections for the next meeting

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Jul 17 01:25:59 PDT 2015

Hello all,

As I won't be available for the meeting next Friday (I'll be away from 
email from July 20 to Aug 10), here some reflections in preparation:

- It is great to see so many candidates for the board. In my eyes, some 
sort of equilibrium between companies, academic world and public 
administration would be nice in the board.

- Several different opinions have been voiced concerning the question of 
membership of moral persons (i.e. companies, associations, 
administrations, etc). I do not have a strong opinion on that, but a 
slight tendency towards the solution of a specific, sponsoring, 
membership without voting rights.

- We quickly need to decide on the languages for which we want to 
provide translation. FR<->NL seems obvious, but what about FR<->EN and 
NL<->EN ? This obviously immediately increases the costs (Maelle, at 
ISTI were there no students for FR<->EN, either ?)

- The website is almost ready to be launched, IMHO. I would suggest to 
launch the calls for contributions and for sponsors immediately after 
the meeting on Friday. As I won't be there, can someone take the 
responsibility for disseminating the call for sponsors ?

There are probably others points. If I think of them before I leave, 
I'll send a second mail.


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