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Title: Foss4G-BE
Dear all,

Due to a misunderstanding, for the 27 October the operator doesn't booked  
all the classrooms at the Bel.
The alternative was to move the event to another selected date.
It's what I do =>>> So, the first Foss4G-BE will be done on the 29  
October 2015, with all the classrooms:
1. Auditorium: 415 seats
2. Atrium: for networking - reception - drink 3. Sylva: 50 seats 4. Aqua +  
Terra (double classroom 20 seats each)

If you want have a look:  



When: Thu 29 Oct 2015 09:00 - 18:00 Brussels
Where: Havenlaan 86c/3002, 1000 Brussels
Calendar: Geosparc
     * Rita Vermeersch- creator
     * belgium at lists.osgeo.org

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