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Maelle Vercauteren mavercau at ulb.ac.be
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Hello all,

It 's an trainee formed by our internship in ULB/IGEAT who want to lauched
this :-)

Are you ok that we say that OSGeo.be will support as much as we can the
FOSS4GAfrica ?

I think it could be nice that we send a message to tell that we support
officialy this initiative...

Tell me if it's not ok for you  ? Or do you have another suggestion ?

Cheers, Maë//e

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To compliment the encouragement and good guidance of Suchith,
here is a starter app for you, the WorldWind Explorer 'reference app'
that's all yours!
Demo: http://explorer.worldwind.earth/
Code: https://github.com/emxsys/WorldWindExplorer

And here is a fun sandbox to play in and to teach with

And an example of encouragement you can also establish for Africa

And if we want the world to work together from the ground up (speaking


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Hi Gildas,

Thank you for your mail and interest. Your idea to organise FOSS4G Africa
and to create a network of capacity-building and knowledge and
experience-sharing in Africa is excellent. I am CC'ing our wider community
so that we will be able to bring in more ideas to support you.

btw i could not get the link of your centre RECTAS www.rectas.org (maybe
the site is currently down) that you emailed but i did find another link
with info at


Thanks again for your initiative.

Best wishes,

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Dear all,

I've a user or OSGEO products for almost ten years now. And while i notice
a growing interest all over the world for these products and the creation
of FOSS4G chapters in different countries, in Africa there nothing like

My idea is to organise a FOSS4G conference for OSGEO products users in
order to create a network of capacity-building and knowledge and
experience-sharing in all the possible fields.

I've been thinking about this for a while now and i think a centre like
RECTAS (www.rectas.org<http://www.rectas.org>), where I've worked for the
past two years can host such event thanks to their experience in the GIS
field and also their hosting capacity.

Well that is an aspect on which everybody can discuss.

But i believe it is high time for a FOSS4G chapter in Africa.

Thanks in advance for your opinion on this idea

Gildas Jr BOKO (PhD)
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