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Le Mon, 1 Aug 2016 09:21:19 +0200,
Maelle Vercauteren <mavercau at ulb.ac.be> a écrit :

> Hello all,
> It 's an trainee formed by our internship in ULB/IGEAT who want to
> lauched this :-)
> Are you ok that we say that OSGeo.be will support as much as we can
> the FOSS4GAfrica ?

+1 from me, but I think this needs an official decision by the board.

> I think it could be nice that we send a message to tell that we
> support officialy this initiative...
> Tell me if it's not ok for you  ? Or do you have another suggestion ?

I think we can already say that IGEAT will support it. (It's lso time
for IGEAT to officially join the Geo for All Labs network...)


> Cheers, Maë//e
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> Subject: Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] [GeoForAll-Africa] FOSS4G Africa
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> Gildas,
> To compliment the encouragement and good guidance of Suchith,
> here is a starter app for you, the WorldWind Explorer 'reference app'
> that's all yours!
> Demo: http://explorer.worldwind.earth/
> Code: https://github.com/emxsys/WorldWindExplorer
> And here is a fun sandbox to play in and to teach with
> http://jsbin.com/nomafey/edit?output
> And an example of encouragement you can also establish for Africa
> http://eurochallenge.como.polimi.it/
> And if we want the world to work together from the ground up (speaking
> city-wise),
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Opencitysmart
> -Patrick
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> Subject: Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] [GeoForAll-Africa] FOSS4G Africa
> Hi Gildas,
> Thank you for your mail and interest. Your idea to organise FOSS4G
> Africa and to create a network of capacity-building and knowledge and
> experience-sharing in Africa is excellent. I am CC'ing our wider
> community so that we will be able to bring in more ideas to support
> you.
> btw i could not get the link of your centre RECTAS www.rectas.org
> (maybe the site is currently down) that you emailed but i did find
> another link with info at
> http://www.un-spider.org/links-and-resources/institutions/regional-centre-training-aerospace-surveys-rectas
> Thanks again for your initiative.
> Best wishes,
> Suchith
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> Subject: [GeoForAll-Africa] FOSS4G Africa
> Dear all,
> I've a user or OSGEO products for almost ten years now. And while i
> notice a growing interest all over the world for these products and
> the creation of FOSS4G chapters in different countries, in Africa
> there nothing like that.
> My idea is to organise a FOSS4G conference for OSGEO products users in
> order to create a network of capacity-building and knowledge and
> experience-sharing in all the possible fields.
> I've been thinking about this for a while now and i think a centre
> like RECTAS (www.rectas.org<http://www.rectas.org>), where I've
> worked for the past two years can host such event thanks to their
> experience in the GIS field and also their hosting capacity.
> Well that is an aspect on which everybody can discuss.
> But i believe it is high time for a FOSS4G chapter in Africa.
> Thanks in advance for your opinion on this idea
> --
> Gildas Jr BOKO (PhD)
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