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I fully agree we should clarify the purpose of OSGeo.be.
My 2c:
bring people with common interests together (probably already OSGeo
members), who want to get into contact with peers and live in a
relatively short geographic distance from each other.

The mission of OSGeo.be is (amongst others) to help OSGeo to grow, and
trough local Chapters, we should get more sense for community, and by
getting to know other members, it becomes more and more easy to contribute.

I think an important point is also to help our neighbours if they want
to use open source and learn them how they can contribute.
And contributing is easy. Not always writing code and committing, but
also sharing experiences, help others, bring other similar communities
together (like the OSM community).

When is the next f2f meeting scheduled?


On 11-07-16 23:40, Maelle Vercauteren wrote:
> Hello,
>     Also it is a good time to think about motivating people to become member
>     of OSGeo and OSGeo.be. I don't find a link on the wiki page to the list
>     of members. Anyone who knows where I can find this list?
> To motivate people to become member of OSGeo and OSGeo.be. I think we
> need to clarify communication. I think that for most people it is not
> clear what is the purpose of OSGeo.be (vs OSGeo and other associations),
> of our member (charter or other), so we need to do an effort about it
> first ! Otherwise I wonder if we will have any more member this year. I
> think it's a little sad...
> Maybe having a reflexion about it in a f2f meeting could help ?
> Moreover, it was decided in the first AG to change the date of the
> ordinary general assembly to hold it during the annual foss4g-be
> conference and this meeting should be prepared well in advance...
> Here you can find the link in the wiki but I don't know if it s
> actualized (I think only Johan have access on that list) :
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Belgium#Members_2
> Kind regards, Maë//e
>     Dirk
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>     Dear all,
>     This year OSGeo elections started today with the nomination period for
>     new Charter Members. The nomination period is open for the next two
>     weeks. Please help our Foundation grow and nominate new Charter Members
>     by 2016-07-17.
>     Elections page:
>     http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Election_2016
>     Please help spread the word and also reach out to communities who have
>     not yet been connected with OSGeo.
>     Best regards,
>     Vasile (2016 CRO)
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