[Belgium] Yet another wall map project :-)

Christophe Cloquet christophe at my-poppy.eu
Fri Nov 18 00:32:35 PST 2016

Dear list members,

Recently, I completed a project of a wall map for the emergency department of a hospital in Wallonia.

The request was

  * a large printable map (2 m x 2 m)
  * a grid
  * a streets list.

The originality is that the streets list is automatically generated from the official database, with respect to the grid whosen in the project, and that no GIS knowledge is needed to make the map. Also, the resolution is higher that what I could obtain with the QGIS composer.

To this end, I wrote some Python code, that automatically generated

  * the map at the right resolution using the Omniscale WMS
  * the grid
  * the streets list using the ICAR database maintained by the Walloon region.

The project has also been the occasion to enhance (slightly) both the OSM & the ICAR database.

It is free to use for anyone at https://github.com/ccloquet/streetslist. You can either use it to create the map (wmsmap.py) or to build a streets list (streets_list.py)

How could it be enhanced ? Do not hesitate to use it, to comment it or to contribute :-)

Best regards,




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