[Belgium] Interest in academic reflection and inter-university pedagogy on open source software in geomatics ?

Maelle Vercauteren mavercau at ulb.ac.be
Tue Feb 7 04:54:59 PST 2017

Dear all,

We would like to launch an academic and pedagogical reflection between
universities on open source software in geomatics.

Some people have already given enthusiastic feedback, so we decided to set
a date to meet on *Thursday February 16 at 10 am in ULB *(local DC6.121
(6th floor of Building D, Solbosch campus) :

It would be a first preparatory meeting with academic people from UGent,
VUB, ULB, Ulg-Arlon, UNamur en UCL.

Do not hesitate to circulate the information to your contacts who would be

The organization of the reflection and the objectives will depend strongly
on the feedbacks. The idea is to arrive at a concrete reflection for the
FOSS4G.be 2017.

On this topic, there are several subjects that we hold dear to the OSGeo.be
and the ULB... they are (in disorder):

- to organize a special "GIS education" session at the next foss4g.be and
discuss its content together.

- to have exchanges of experience throughout the year on this theme (2-3
meetings / year)

- to fit into the existing efforts of Geo4all <http://www.geoforall.org/> en/or
Copernicus Academy Network

- to share teaching materials and discuss the setting up of a web platform
where everyone could deposit his material

- to create material with Belgian data which would therefore speak more
particularly to students (and which would allow to highlight Belgian open

There are at least 5 subjects that are quite large, but look stimulating
and that we can talk more concretely about during the meeting.

If you already want to write us your suggestions, do not hesitate.

After the meeting, if the feedback is positive, we wil circulate a
discussion paper about the implementation of this project in the general
mailinglist !

It is our pleasure to soon be able to discuss these topics,

Moritz en Maë//e

Coordinatrice du stage SIG Libres ARES

Université Libre de Bruxelles - IGEAT (CP 130 / 03)
Campus du Solbosch
Av. F. D. Roosevelt, 50
B-1050 Bruxelles
Tél.: 02/650.68.14 Fax: 02/650.50.92 Local: DB6.143
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