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*Dear member,*


It is with pleasure that I invite you to participate in our next general 
assembly which will take place this 16th May at 19.30, the physical 
place is not yet fixed but will follow in the course of next week There 
will also be a parallel session accessible from a stream that will be 
communicated to you via social networks. I invite anyone who would like 
to get officially involved in the organisation of our association to 
contact me or another current member in order to either take part as an 
active member or to take a mandate. Small precision, an active member 
can take part in the delibaretaion and the vote of the actions. This 
does not prevent ordinary members from coming to us to provide us with 
their proposals or suggestions which will be appreciated during this GA. 
Indeed all the current mandat will resign and new blood is welcome to 
perpetuate the dynamics of our community.Below you will find the agenda 
of our future GA. We will certainly enjoy sharing a drink after the GA, 
so don't hesitate! En vous saluantgrandement,

Gael Agenda AG 2023 16 May at 19.30

Place ? Johan suggest at Gent, why not + via jitsi

1.Report about the activities organised in 2022 by president

·Spring session Monday March 28th BrewDog Brussels

·after work on 26/07/22 (BrewDog )

·Foss4G in Firenze August

·afterwork 13/09/22 (BrewDog )

·FoSS4g & SotM (17/11/22)

2.Financial report 2022

3.Discharge of the members of the Board of Directors for the 2022 
financial year.

4.Provisional Budget 2023

5.Election & Resignation

/!\ we are at the end of the mandate, so they have to renew everything

A.Resignations member of board

·Marc Ducobu

·Dirk Frigne

·Gaël Kruwialis (President)

·Oliver May (Secretary as of 2021)

·Tommy Oozeer

·Johan Van de Wauw

·Roel Huybrechts (Treasurer)

·Mathieu Carette

B.Proposal for a new Member




C.Actual (April 2023) composition of the voting members :

·Dirk Frigne

·Gaël Kruwialis

·Johan Van de Wauw

·Maëlle Vercauteren Drubbel

·Marc Ducobu

·Moritz Lennert

·Oliver May

·Tommy Oozeer

·Julien Collaer

·Arnaud De Groof

·Nicolas Dufrane

·Christophe Guisset

·Roel Huybrechts

·Matthieu Carette

·Jonathan Beliën

D.Proposal for a new board

·President :

·Secretary :

· Treasurer


6.Preview of the events in 2023


a.Annual General Meeting | (18 May 2023) | place to be confirme

b.30 May 2023 6-9 PM | Geodev evening: General PostgreSQL & Postgis

c.13 June 2023 6-9 PM | Geodev evening: Postgis topology | | Geopostcodes

d.Foss4G / Qgis-day /SotM | What and how ? | to be discussed at the 
general assembly or on the mailing list ...

2.Support for the incubation of the phacochr project 

3.Activity with OSGEO-NL  (contact Raymond)

4.Collaboration, ... openstreetmap.be ( Joost - Jonathan ?)

7.Agreement to mandate the Board of Directors to take the necessary 
measures with regard to events, strategy and administrative tasks


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