[Benchmarking] Change in IP on Servers

Smith, Michael D ERDC-CRREL-NH michael.smith at usace.army.mil
Mon Aug 2 15:58:10 EDT 2010


Due to an error on my part, the ip addresses of the servers and their use
was swapped on 2 of the machines.

The server at is the Linux WMS Benchmarking server, not .76.
This is new Dell R410 with 2Tb. I have copied the /opt and /benchmarking
directories over to this machine from .76. Hopefully everything is properly
reinstalled but you will want to test anything you¹ve installed already on
This server does have a 2Tb drive.

The machine is the Apache Jmeter machine.

Sorry for the confusion, please let me know about any problems you encounter
and I¹ll try to correct it.¹

To sum:           linux_wms_bm           linux_db_bm           linux_jmeter_bm           windows_wms_bm


Michael Smith
Remote Sensing/GIS Center
US Army Corps of Engineers
Hanover, NH

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