[Benchmarking] Graphical session with the jmeter machine

Andrea Aime aaime at opengeo.org
Tue Aug 3 04:56:20 EDT 2010

today I've had a quick peek at trying to run jmeter over
ssh with X forwarding (with and without compression).

The benefit of running from the GUI is that one can see the
actual images returned from each request, which is something
we really missed last year.

With the installed OpenJDK it would not start within a couple
of minutes (past that waiting time I just gave up).

With a Sun JDK 1.6.0_21 it starts within some seconds (10
or so) but it's quite hard to use due to the high delay
in response.

Wondering if there is a better way:
- tightvnc
- nomachine NX server

I've used he latter (only as a client though) as it's quite convenient.
The free download is limited to two concurrent graphical sessions,
which should fit our needs.



Andrea Aime
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