[Benchmarking] Pgsql set up

Martin Daly Martin.Daly at cadcorp.com
Mon Aug 9 04:24:30 EDT 2010

> The problem is now clear to me, thanks for following up. The data in
> the DBF files is in fact kind of corrupt. That is, it is in a mix of
> encodings. Most of it appears to be UTF8, but there are also some
> LATIN1 characters in there too. And LATIN1 characters are illegal in
> UTF8. So you can try to load using UTF8 and the loader will fail when
> it hits the illegal character. Or you can load using LATIN1, and the
> UTF8 characters will end up as random-looking hibit characters in the
> database.

Is it possible that the pre-merged source DBF files had a mixture of different codepages/encodings, and this was missed in the merge?

I'm not suggesting that anyone starts again, just that if we can find out why the data that we are using is like this then we can explain away the duff labels.

> Soooo.... not sure where that leaves us. I just checked the latest
> version of shp2pgsql in SVN and we don't have support for handling
> corrupt strings in UTF8 right now. I guess that could be my
> contribution to the benchmarking effort. In the meanwhile, I'm pleased
> to see OSM continuing their strong devotion to standards.

This is national mapping agency data, not that new fangled OSM stuff.

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