[Benchmarking] Remarks about Postgis

Cédric Briançon cedric.briancon at geomatys.fr
Mon Aug 9 09:50:52 EDT 2010

Hi all,

about the postgis database I have to remarks to discuss:

1) Switch to lower case: some columns in the database are now in lower 
case. In the shapefile like motorway.shp, you have the property 
"TIPO_0601" which is exactly what I wrote in my SLD files. In the 
postgis database you have the column "tipo_0601" so my styles will not 
work for both shapefiles and postgis.
It is not really a big deal, I can duplicate my whole styles and change 
the case, but I want others to be aware that they have to change the 
case of their property name in their styles to use them on the postgis 
database, if they want to use it.

2) When launching a postgis "envelope" request (select 
envelope(the_geom) from contour_0), the response time is quite long 
around 20s directly on the db server. It is understandable because there 
are lots of data, but a WMS server in its GetCapabilities response is 
supposed to display the envelope for each defined layer. That requieres 
a significant amount of time to get the response (around 2minutes for me).
I see that there is already an index on the "the_geom" columns, which is 
a good thing. Can something be done to improve this waiting time?


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