[Benchmarking] Test list summary

Andrea Aime aaime at opengeo.org
Thu Aug 12 04:56:45 EDT 2010

I'm looking at yesterday's log and what I gather is that
we need the following tests:

raster data, JPEG output, EPSG:25831, scales between 1:1M and 1:10k
raster data, JPEG output, EPSG:3857, scales between 1:1M and 1:10k
vector data, PNG24 output, EPSG:4326, scales between 1:300k and 1:1k
vector data, PNG24 output, EPSG:3875, scales between 1:300k and 1:1k
raster + vector, JPEG output, EPSG:25831, scales between 1:300k and 1:1k
raster + vector, JPEG output, EPSG:3785, scales between 1:300k and 1:1k

Servers that have troubles with some of the above setups will bail
out of that specific test and we'll note down the reasons in the

Frank's tool will be modified to use base 2 logarithms to lessen the
preference for higher scales.
The thread progression will be 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64.
The number of requests for each thread group will be
100, 100, 200, 200, 400, 400, 800 respectively, leading to a total of
2200 requests issued for each benchmark (I'm making this up
now in order to get going, we did not actually vote on this. Hope
it's good enough for everybody, but if anybody feels strongly against
it please just provide an alternative proposal and let's put it to
vote quickly).

Same goes for the testing areas, we had no vote on them.
I'm going with:
- -6 E, 38 N, -1 E, 43 N for vector tests
- 372360,4557880,484490,4631460 for raster tests

The vector test area will ensure most requests are not empty.
The raster one is full area instead, if we go for a rectangle
that ensures we always get inside the area we'd end up throwing
away half of the data (which kind of defeats the purpose of
having 100GB or data, no?).

In case someone wants to improve the resulting csv files not
to hint blank areas we are always in time to replace the csv
file contents, they are easy and painless to replace.
So if you want to provide some improvements in that direction please
step up and do (and possibly soon) :-)

Again, if the areas I chose find resistance let's propose something
else and put it to a vote quickly.

I'm going to setup the JMeter scripts now, will let you know
when the templates are ready


Andrea Aime
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