[Benchmarking] Thinking about the best effort part

Andrea Aime aaime at opengeo.org
Thu Aug 12 05:05:39 EDT 2010

I was looking at the test list we have and I was reasoning about the
best effort part, in particular in terms of data transformations.

So it's pretty clear almost everybody will try to use some kind of
pre-generalization scheme. Fine.
I guess many will want to shave off all un-necessary attributes too
and maybe use a different classification scheme (maybe using integer
numbers instead of strings for the classes).
Once you do that all line layers look pretty much the same, a line,
a classification attribute (an eventual label).
Since we test all the layers together, is merging those layers into
a single one acceptable? We don't have tests against a single layer.
Or is it considered cheating against the multilayer nature of the

And what about pre-projecting the layers into the target projection?
Is that cheating against the reprojection nature of the tests?
My gut says yes, but that's just me. And at the same time, isn't
creating a pyramid a way to cheat about the multiresolution nature
of the tests? ;-)


Andrea Aime
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